New Paintings Available on August 4

Hello! I’ve been working on some new landscape paintings. They’ll be available to buy Wednesday, August 4 at 4pm USA East Coast time (GMT-5) at my online store, Please read to the end of this post for information about VAT and shipping.

Here’s a preview of what they look like! (I’m still thinking about their titles.)

These paintings are all 5” x 7”:

And this one is 8” x 10”:

Important information about VAT and shipping: as I understand it, the EU is now charging VAT on all goods entering the country, no matter what their value. If you live in the EU and have purchased a painting, you may have to pay VAT before delivery can be completed.

UK customers:at this time I am not shipping to the UK. I’m still figuring out what I need to do to satisfy VAT obligations there. I’m sorry about this! I hope to have this worked out in the future.

New shipping setup in my store. I’m trying out a new shipping costs feature in my store, and I *think* I’ve set it up correctly for each country. Apologies in advance if any problems crop up. International shipping and taxes have become much more complicated recently! For the last sale, I underestimated shipping costs and so I’ve adjusted them upward.

Thanks for reading all of that, and for your support!